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ON FORM: Currently performing solo in and around the London acoustic scene purveying a wholesome set that will satisfy anyone with a hunger for virtuosity and authenticity, Gabriel takes inspiration from the folk and blues tradition and sprinkles it with a generous handful of reinvention. Expect earthy blues ballads to tender songs from the heart.

ON A MISSION: Taking the decision to consolidate his acoustic material and put other musical projects on the back burner, Gabriel is on a mission to 'take the music to the people'. "The acoustic guitar was my first love having been inspired and influenced by early delta and urban blues artists plus emerging icons of the folk scene from the late 60's onwards.
CD 'The Circle' out now.

ON PERFORMANCE: Gabriel sees himself as a particle in the great primordial soup of musical culture. "Having taken, borrowed and been inspired by numerous artists and styles, performing is a way of bringing something back to the table". Expect a live show near you.

Contact gabrielmesh.77@btinternet.com

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"Gabriel Mesh played an intense set of blues/folk/soul groove, apt for lighting up fires...a very vibrant and intense performance with good lyrics and excellent syncopated riffs which can lift up the crowd and provide a different kind of energy for the night" -- Gabriel Moreno, The Lantern Society.

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